We can provide the following services upon request; Airport Transfers – Laundry – Guided Tours – Whirling Dervishes – Turkish Bath – Rent A Car – Hiking – Bicycling – Hot Air Ballooning – Turkish Folk Dance Night – Horse Back Riding

Airport Transfers
If you stay over 3 days your one way airport transfer from Tuzköy Cappadocia airport will be provided for free.

We have a superfast laundry service. Due to our respect to the environment we do only use natural soaps. Even if you stay in our guest house only very short time we can wash and dry your clothes of up to 6 kgs. in colorfast program only in a few hours. Ironing might require one extra day if our staff is busy.

Guided Tours
We provide guided tours in the region with local guides. You choose which way you like to discover the area. On horseback riding, on foot, by car or by bicycle. If you like guiding in a specific off the beaten track area we can provide you locals who know the trails. There are many places few people know about such as Castle of Nevsehir, Museum in Nevsehir and Urgup, Cemil Village and it’s church, Ortahisar and Pancarlı Valley, Ayvalı Village, Mazı Underground city, Rose Valley’s Churches, Guzelyurt.


cappadocia rose valleyRose Valley

Whirling Dervishes
It is possible to assist a whirling dervish ritual in the area. There are some places where you can watch these in rock carved cabaret style halls in the ground or you can watch this in a medieval Seljukian Karavan Hotel named Sarihan, built in 1249. They all provide a mystical atmosphere where you will have a fantastic experience while watching the “Sema” meaning sky. In fact it is believed that the dervishes would fly up to the sky during this particular ritual. Those were medieval saints of Seljukian Turks who were similar to their contemporaries like St. Giuseppe di Cupertino who was known with his ecstatic flights or San Francesco di Assisi.

Turkish Bath
Turkish bath cleansing is a tradition in Turkey. If you like to experience a stylish or a historical Turkish bath we will be pleased to take you there. Perspiration, massage, scrubbing services can all be provided upon request.

Car renting services
We can rent a car with or without driver upon request. If you like your car can be delivered to you at the airport.

We will provide you with maps showing the hiking trails in the area. Here are some hiking trails you may enjoy.
Uchisar – Goreme; There are several in the region where you can have some hiking experience. Down below our hotel there is a great hiking trail which is going up and down. There are stunning rock formations, deep canyons where you can see several ranges of fairy chimneys. If you choose the difficult trail going from the right hand side it is wiser to use some hiking equipment as rocks have recently been eroded and they are very slippery.

Rose Valley – Cavusin; There is no need to use hiking equipment unless you like to see some caves up above the walls of the canyons here. The trails are rather easy if you only like to visit some cave churches such as the Byzantine church with columns, the church with the cross or the Grape church. Grape church’s door is normally closed but there usually stays a man from Ortahisar village. His name is Hacı and will provide you the key of the church.

Soganli Valley or Valley of Onions; There are about 60 churches in this valley. Karabaş church, Yılanlı church, Kubbeli church and Saklı Church are on the right hand side of the two sided valley after you pass the main entrance where tickets are bought. The St. Barbara church or Tahtali church are on the left hand side after the main entrance. Where Soğanlı retaurant is located by the small stream.

Ihlara or Peristrema Valley; This is another interesting and nice hiking trail which requires approximately 1 hour driving from our hotel in Uchisar. The Canyon is approx. 150 meters deep. It was formed after an earthquake cracked the ground made of some sort of volcanic rock. There are several churches carved on the surface of the walls of the canyon but most of them can easily be reached following the little walking tracks. Purenli, Agacalti, Yilanli, Kokar, Purenliseki, Eskibaca, St. Georges, Direkli and Ala churches can be visited. It is possible to go for a hike of about 4 hours in the valley. In order to reach the little village of Belisirma you would need to turn left and follow the little tiny stream of Melendiz.

Gomeda Valley; Gomeda is one of the most interesting walking tracks in the area. It is one of the off the beaten tracks located in a remote corner of the volcanic region. It is easily accessible from the old town of Macedonians Sinassos.

uchisar goreme hike

Uchisar-Göreme hiking trail

Hot Air Ballooning
“For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return” Leonardo Da Vinci – Well you will need to wake up very early if you like to experience a hot air balloon flight in the area. The short balloon flights will start just after the sunrise.

Turkish Folk Dance Night
Folk dances from different regions of Turkey can be watched in an underground rock carved cabaret. There you will also have a chance to dance, wine and dine.

Horseback Riding
Horses are available in the region for horseback riding.

If you would like us to provide you with any other services, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Besides all of the above, we also provide private tour services around the whole Turkey. For more information please visit our web site privatetourturkey.com