Located at an altitude of approximately 1250 meters, the spot usually receives a nice mountain breeze. Being in the bosom of nature, above the orchards of farmers, the guest rooms of Cappadocia Eco Lodge offer an extraordinary panorama over the rock formations by the Pigeon Valley.

Spacious, comfortable cave rooms are designed to make your stay more pleasant. Restorations were made respecting the ancient character of the houses. Cave rooms are cool in summer and warm in winter – perfect accommodation conditions for a comfortable stay.

cappadocialodge small room

Ancient furnaces on the ground have been transformed into mini-bars to keep your local wines and drinks cool and fresh. No space is wasted. There is tile heating as well as radiators with solar power assistance to lessen our impact on the environment. Thinner stones were used on the floors to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly heating. The stone bed on the ground floor has tile heating on the top level and the Turkish style bath of the arched room has extra heating on the sitting stage. In the bedrooms all beds are orthopedic and have fluffy quilts and pillows. The light often comes through transparent onyx lamps. In our lodge we use high quality natural materials with artistic value, from natural hand-made rugs to furniture and from soaps to towels. Our aim is to make you feel at home, in a historical and exotic ambiance, unique to our lodge.

butterfly visiting our small garden

Butterfly enjoying November sunshine in the garden