Spacious, comfortable and stylish rooms are designed to make your stay more pleasant. Restoration were made respecting the ancient character of the houses. Cave rooms are cool in summer and warm in winter – perfect accommodation conditions.

Ancient furnaces on the ground have been transformed into mini-bars to keep your drinks cool and fresh. So no spaces were wasted. The floors are covered with thin marble to provide a faster heating. The Turkish style bath of the arched room has extra heating on the sitting stage. In the bedrooms all beds are orthopedic and have fluffy quilts and pillows. The light often comes through transparent onyx lamps. In our cave rooms we only use natural materials. From natural hand made rugs to soaps and towels in the bathrooms, all natural and primary quality.

cappadocialodge bedroom
image of cappadocialodge bedroom
cappadocialodge livigroom
cappadocialodge bathroom
cappadocialodge bathroom sink
cappadocialodge entrance to bathroom
cappadocialodge night lamp
cappadocia lodge bedroom
cappadocialodge small room
cappadocia lodge living room